if you want to use TMA in a professional manner, we recommend this certification training.

Length: 1 day, number of participants: maximum of 8.

Price: Please contact us

Target group:

  • managers with coaching abilities, career consultants, trainers, coaches, HR professionals and specialists eager to work with TMA;
  • employees from organizations that want to enhance their internal expertise on working with the TMA.

Purpose: Certification as a TMA Method Consultant, through which the participant is prepared to implement and use TMA Method appropriately.

The participant:

  • understands the possibilities and applications of TMA Method;
  • is familiar with the theory regarding personalities and competencies;
  • is able to apply STAR interview techniques;
  • is able to organize and perform selection and feedback interviews with employees;
  • has practiced several selection and feedback interviews, guided by a professional trainer;
  • is able to interpret TMA results to benefit selection, career consultancy, personal development questions;
  • is able to set up a coaching course for an employee based on his/her TMA results


(10.00 - 17.00)


  • what does the TMA measure and how does it do so?
  • interpreting TMA results
  • linking personalities to competencies
  • taking the TMA
  • cases
  • practice
  • certification

Date: In company and open registration. Please contact us for the latest dates.



`It is surprising how employees easily recognise themselves in the description that results from a TMA assessment,

Atos Origin

`Some employees experience it as a gift,'


Tthe candidates recognise themselves to a large extent in the report.


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