Ongoing scientific research can be done on the TMA Portal by researchers from companies and universities. The scientific module will be implemented on request and can be deployed free of charge within any implementation of the TMA Portal.

the TMA Portal offer you the opportunity of collecting large quantities of reliable data you for your own target group. You can then standardize the results of your TMA assessment to the results of your own research data. You can also, if you wish, contract this standardization research out to EhrmVision's research psychologists.

This can be done on condition that, except with prior consultation, no commercial purpose is associated with your research, that the subject and the feedback of the research are relevant to your organization or the TMA Portal and that the outcome is an interesting and applicable standardization.

EhrmVision monitors the validity of the assessments by using solely theories that are well known in the scientific world, which are carefully formulated and that have been documented. Psychometric reliability and validity are in this matter pursued even more strictly than normal. The basic principle is to keep the link between the candidate reports and the constructs of the test clear, appropriate and in balance.

All TMA instruments are regularly re-normalized for the working population. Representative groups are used.



`It is surprising how employees easily recognise themselves in the description that results from a TMA assessment,

Atos Origin

`Some employees experience it as a gift,'


Tthe candidates recognise themselves to a large extent in the report.


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