With  TMA selection assessment you gain insight into: 

  • The competencies, cognitive capabilities, personality and talents of your candidate.

The assessment gives you adequate insight in the scope of the suitability of the candidate. In other words, if you want know to what extent the candidate is a match for your position and where there are possible risk factors

The TMA selection assessment is based on TMA method. This is a psychological and psychometric system that assumes a personal blueprint. TMA method is constructed from the following components:

  • The needs, thinking processes and personality traits of the person.
  • The competencies and capacities that the person has.
  • The environment in which the person finds him/herself.
  • The behavior the person demonstrates.

How does the TMA selection assessment work? 

With our many years' experience in assessing competencies, we have developed an assessment technique that is much more customer-oriented. We work as follows:

  • In advance which behavior one wishes to see (or which behavior is potentially present) is determined. It is no longer necessary to always assess several competencies, one competency is also possible. You make therefore a choice in terms of the a number of months we will get in touch with the manager to discuss the progress of the developments.
  • We then like to talk with the manager about the suitability and the risk factor of the candidate and the support, if any, that we consider necessary to allow his/her talents to reach their full potential.
  • At the end of the analysis, the psychologist immediately discusses the findings with the candidate and examines to what extent development is possible and desirable.
  • If the candidate gives permission to do so, the report can be with the client within two days.competency, but also a choice of specific behavior belonging to this competency. You can simply select from operational, tactical and/or strategic behavioral examples. We conduct the selection analysis on these specific behaviors.
  • Then the candidate gets in advance, by means of an invitation, the request to fill in the TMA. he/she can fill in the TMA Talent Assessment in the peace and quiet of his/her own home and on his/her own computer. The TMA Selection Assessment can take place on the following day or as rapidly as one wishes.
  • Because a lot of time is saved by filling the TMA at home, an analysis takes on average 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of competencies that are being mapped.
  • The analysis is conducted as far as possible at the client's offices. This saves a lot of travelling time and irritation caused by traffic jams. We come to you, the client.


Price: Please contact a TMA consultant,  and depends on the number of examined competencies.

Which competencies can be assessed? 
Please make a choice (max. 8) from the entire TMA competency model with 53 competencies. (Complete document on request) If you have specific own competencies or behavioral skills, then in most cases you can also assess them out with the TMA Potential Analysis.

53 TMA Competencies


1. Accountability 2. Adaptability 3. Ambition
5. Attention to detail 6. Business Orientation
7. Coaching 8. Commercial power 9. Conduct
10. Conflict Management 11. Controlling progress 12. Cooperation
13. Courage 14. Creativity 15. Customer orientation
16. Decisiveness 17. Delegating 18. Developing employees
19. Discipline 20. Energy 21. Flexible behavior
22. Focus on Quality 23. Forming judgement 24. Identification with management
25. Independence 26. Initiative 27. Innovative power
28. Insight 29. Integrity 30. Leadership of groups
31. Learning ability 32. Listening 33. Managing
34. Need to achieve 35. Negotiating 36. Networking
37. Organisation sensitivity 38. Perseverence 39. Persuasiveness
40. Planning and organising 41. Political Sensitivity 42. Presenting  
43. Problem analysis 44. Result-orientedness 45. Self development
46. Sensitivity 47. Sociability 48. Social Awareness
49. Stress management 50. Verbal expression 51.Vision
52. workmanship 53. Written expression

`It is surprising how employees easily recognise themselves in the description that results from a TMA assessment,

Atos Origin

`Some employees experience it as a gift,'


Tthe candidates recognise themselves to a large extent in the report.


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