What are competencies?
Competencies are general descriptions of behavior that is needed in order to fulfill (part of) a task or position successfully.

Employees develop their competencies throughout their working lives The TMA competency model helps you assess and develop those competencies.



Why would I use competencies?
If you implement the idea of competencies in your organization you can:

  • Easily translate your mission and vision into behavior that you expect from your employees
  • Lower the cost for recruitment and selection procedures
  • Help your employees develop in areas that are fundamental to your organization
  • Provide more effective training
  • Implement a clear and objective assessment method

A clearly communicated competency model will help employees take responsibility for their own careers and development.



How was the TMA competency model developed? 
If you look at many different competency models you will find that terms and definitions vary widely. Although most competency models will attempt to describe competencies in terms of tangible behavior few of them succeed. br> The TMA competency model was developed using dozens of studies into Competency models. At its basis lie clearly defined competencies at 4 levels.

53 TMA competencies


1. Accountability 2. Adaptability 3. Ambition
4. Assertiveness 5. Attention to detail 6. Business Orientation
7. Coaching 8. Commercial power 9. Conduct
10. Conflict Management 11. Controlling progress 12. Cooperation
13. Courage 14. Creativity 15. Customer orientation
16. Decisiveness 17. Delegating 18. Developing employees
19. Discipline 20. Energy 21. Flexible behavior
22. Focus on Quality 23. Forming judgement 24. Identification with management
25. Independence 26. Initiative 27. Innovative power
28. Insight 29. Integrity 30. Leadership of groups
31. Learning ability 32. Listening 33. Managing
34. Need to achieve 35. Negotiating 36. Networking
37. Organisation sensitivity 38. Perseverence 39. Persuasiveness
40. Planning and organising 41. Political Sensitivity 42. Presenting  
43. Problem analysis 44. Result-orientedness 45. Self development
46. Sensitivity 47. Sociability 48. Social Awareness
49. Stress management 50. Verbal expression 51.Vision
52. workmanship 53. Written expression


Each competency has been extensively validated with test organizations and contains critical success factors on the general, operational, strategic and tactical levels.

Each competency contains behavioral examples that have been operationalized on the above general, operational, strategic and tactical levels. This vast competency library(behavioral examples, interview questions (STAR), development tips and coaching tips can be adapted to your own specific organization wishes. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you.

How do I use the TMA competency model? 
You can use the TMA competency model for a number of reasons:


  • Developing a Competency profile for a position
  • Using the interview guide, based on the STAR method, for selection interviews
  • Providing a talent and competency assessment for your current and future employees


    Is my usage of the TMA competency model limited?
    If you hold a license for the TMA competency model, you have unlimited access for all authorized users. We provide a non-exclusive, non-commercial and non-transferable worldwide license to the TMA competency model for internal use.

    You will find more information about TMA delivery partners and commercial opportunities on this page.



    What is a Competency profile??
    A Competency profile consists of a limited number of competencies, and the behavioral examples that go with them, that are directly related to particular position, combined with their appropriate level. Usually, a position is characterized by five to ten competencies.

    You can use a valid and reliable Competency profile for recruiting, selecting, training and developing your employees. By investing in a valid and reliable Competency profile you can provide clarity for your employees and reduce the costs of burn-out and dismissal.



    Are there any pre-defined Competency profiles?
    TMA Method provides a number of generic profiles but since all organizations and circumstances are unique, they can easily be adapted to your needs.



    How do I obtain the TMA competency model?
    You can order the TMA competency model by sending an email to info@tmamethod.com or by calling 001 6465689903



    What do I get if I obtain the TMA competency model?
    If you obtain the TMA competency model you will be given an online portal with access to the digital version of the competency model. You can then select those competencies and behavioral examples to adjust the model so it suits your organization and needs exactly



    In which languages is theTMA competency model available?
    The TMA Competency is available in English, German, Danish, French and Dutch. Spanish will be released shortly.



    How much does the TMA competency model cost?
     For information about the price of the TMA competency model please contact TMA Method viainfo@tmamethod.com or phone001 6465689903



    What do I pay for updates and new versions of the TMA competency model?
    Updates and new versions of the TMA competency model are free of charge.



    Numerous competency models are freely available from the Internet. Why would I opt for the TMA competency model?
    The TMA competency model is the result of ten years of combined experience with hundreds of organizations. Every competency has been validated extensively with various organizations and on a general, operational, tactical, and strategic level. Every competency in the model contains behavioral examples on the same general, operational, tactical, and strategic levels. This extended Competency Model (with behavioral examples, STAR interview questions, development and coaching suggestions, and suggestions for further reading) can be adapted to your organization’s specific needs. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you. You can access the complete model online so you can start competency assessments immediately. 




`It is surprising how employees easily recognise themselves in the description that results from a TMA assessment,

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`Some employees experience it as a gift,'


Tthe candidates recognise themselves to a large extent in the report.


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