The cognitive capabilities assessments (TMA Capa) is intended for people aged from 16 years and from high school level. The assessments show a broad picture of the intellectual level of the candidate. It is important to distinguish between pure construction intelligence (potential intelligence) and learned / academic intelligence. The principle of the TMA cognitive ability assessment is to determine the cognitive abilities of a candidate in order to make predictions about the fitness for a particular program or position.

Despite the abundant literature in the field of intelligence, there is no consensus among psychologists about what exactly is meant by intelligence. The most widely used construct is the classification in terms of crystallized or fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence refers to the ability to think abstractly and is hereditary. Crystallized intelligence is a cultural construct of fluid intelligence. In other words, all the knowledge and skills that someone has gained in his life. Crystallized intelligence is environment dependent. A person with a high level of fluid intelligence can therefore without any stimulation develop a lower level of crystallized intelligence.

Target group 

  • Age: intended for people aged > 15/16 years
  • TMA CAPA higher level;;
    a. Persons who are considering a college or university training course 
    b. Persons who are attending college or university education 
    c. Persons with a college or university education 
  • TMA CAPA secondary level;
    a. Persons who are considering high school 
    b. Persons who are attending high school 
    c. Persons with a high school education

The TMA cognitive capabilities assessments each have a specific goal and instruction time. These times are as follows:


analysis Assessment time Instruction time
Control 4 minutes 2 minutes
Spatial 10 minutes 2 minutes
Linguistic insight 7 minutes 2 minutes
Numerical insight 8 minutes 2 minutes
Technical insight 5 minutes 2 minutes
Calculate 20 minutes 2 minutes

Completing all of the TMA cognitive capabilities assessments will take approximately 1 hour.

Assessment space
It is of utmost importance that the TMA cognitive capabilities assessments are taken under calm conditions. This means that taking the assessments at home is not always adequate. If you opt for a space in your office, use a space that is peaceful and quiet. Make sure pencil and paper are available.

Assessment time
Each assessment has its own individual analysis time. The TMA server is responsible for time-keeping. After this time expires, the candidate can answer no more questions and should close the screen to select a new assessment.

Explanation about taking the assessment
Start theTMA cognitive capabilities assessments for your candidate. Have the candidate relax by telling that this assessment is important but not decisive. Make sure pencil and paper are available.


`It is surprising how employees easily recognise themselves in the description that results from a TMA assessment,

Atos Origin

`Some employees experience it as a gift,'


Tthe candidates recognise themselves to a large extent in the report.


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